Step back to step up

Starting or growing a business is tough. Day-to-day pressures can often drain the energy of the owner managers and over time they may even lose sight of why they […]

Liberated! Why I left a big company to start my own

In my final year at university, a friend – Alasdair – and I made a pact. We decided to go work for big companies for about three years and […]

Six ways to generate great business ideas

Ideas for new businesses are everywhere. Here are six ways to find your big idea and make it happen.

1. Know yourself

Starting a new business is difficult, if you are […]

Networking for startups

Building and tapping into an effective network is essential in starting and growing a successful business. Networking is about establishing and building positive relationships with potential clients, peers and […]

The first 4 Steps in building an Innovation Ecosystem

Colin Graham, Causeway Innovation

Regardless of who takes the lead, what are the first steps in developing an innovation ecosystem?

It’s a little bit of a ‘chicken and egg’ situation in […]

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    Growing an Innovation Ecosystem – it’s all about people and place

Growing an Innovation Ecosystem – it’s all about people and place

Ecosystems are networks of living organisms that interact with each other and their physical environment. The concept of an innovation ecosystem is attracting increasing attention but is not always well […]

Who takes the lead? Government or entrepreneurs?

Many regions and nations across the world recognise the need to support the startup and growth of innovative businesses to generate new wealth and employment. A fundamental question is […]

The growth of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the best-known example of an innovation ecosystem with the world’s greatest concentration of entrepreneurs and investors. The establishment of Stanford University in 1891 was probably the […]