1. Start

Why start a business? The need for autonomy and challenge.

In running startup workshops one of the first questions I ask is ‘Why start a business? What are your motivations?’ Example answers from participants in a recent workshop in […]

Building a winning startup team

Ask any experienced entrepreneur or investor ‘what makes a successful business?’ and they will frequently answer ‘a great team’. The right people – and the relationships between them – […]

Liberated! Why I left a big company to start my own

In my final year at university, a friend – Alasdair – and I made a pact. We decided to go work for big companies for about three years and […]

Six ways to generate great business ideas

Ideas for new businesses are everywhere. Here are six ways to find your big idea and make it happen.

1. Know yourself

Starting a new business is difficult, if you are […]

Networking for startups

Building and tapping into an effective network is essential in starting and growing a successful business. Networking is about establishing and building positive relationships with potential clients, peers and […]